Secure Spaces

Gives you the freedom to choose!

Whether you use your mobile device to check your social media feeds, for work, for banking, or to tame your kids while driving them around the city, you are likely frustrated by the limitations of your mobile device. Are you concerned that your kids will reconfigure your phone settings? Are you concerned that your personal apps and data are mixing with your work apps and data? Are you concerned that some of the apps that you download are stealing your personal information?

With Secure Spaces you have the freedom to use your mobile device the way that you want to without making compromises! Spaces are an easy way to group your apps, contacts and other important information into separate areas (Spaces). Each Space is like having another homescreen on your mobile device and each can be configured differently to customize your mobile experience. Secure Spaces provides the security so that the apps and data in one Space cannot be accessed by the apps in any other Space.

With Secure Spaces you can be confident using your mobile device for all activities in life.

Using Secure Spaces

Tina, our Super-Mom, learns how Secure Spaces helps her make it through every day.

Tina goes to a trade show and learns that Secure Spaces can help her with so much more than just her personal life.

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Secure Spaces is a solution created by Graphite Software. We are located in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Graphite Software or Secure Spaces please visit or send us an email using the form below.

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