Why Secure Spaces?

Because Privacy Should be in Your Control!

Mobile devices are being used for far more activities than they were originally designed for. Whether you are using your smartphone for work related tasks, for banking, to check your social feeds or to tame your kids while driving them around the city, you are getting frustrated by the limitations of your so-called “smartphone”. A real smartphone should allow you to isolate the various contexts of your life and to navigate quickly and easily between those contexts while protecting your privacy and the security of your employer’s data.
If you are concerned with the amount of personal information that you are sharing, that mobile banking is not as safe as you are lead to believe that it is, that your kids can read your emails or mis-configure your smartphone, or that your IT department can see your personal apps and data then you definitely need Secure Spaces.

Secure Spaces was created to solve these issues and many more.

What is “Secure Spaces”?

The solution for all your alter egos!

Secure Spaces is a system-level virtualization solution that allows you to create multiple “virtual phones / personas” on a single device.

A “Space” is simply a way to group apps, data and accounts in a way that reflects the privacy, security and ease of access requirements you may have when using your mobile device for multiple purposes. “Spaces” have the important property that apps, data and accounts in one Space are isolated from the apps, data and accounts in other Spaces.
It also enables commonly used apps to be located in multiple Spaces while separating and isolating data and accounts (for example, you can use the same camera app in the Owner and Kids Space but pictures in the Owner Space will not be accessible in the Kids Space and vice versa).


Types of Spaces


  • Created and controlled by the user
  • Locally defined settings
  • Apps, widgets, content and launcher selected by the user
  • Personal privacy, device sharing, mobile payment, Kids mode, etc.



  • Created and managed by a 3rd party (e.g. corporate IT, OEM, service provider )
  • Remote configuration, management and updates
  • For BYOD, mobile marketing, events, online education…


Using Secure Spaces

Tina, our Super-Mom, learns how Secure Spaces helps her make it through every day.

Tina goes to a trade show and learns that Secure Spaces can help her with so much more than just her personal life.

Example Spaces


Scan a QR code or click an URL to gain access to your favorite brand in a Space on your device. Receive curated and recommended apps and content relevant to the brand you are following: customized wallpapers, promotional coupons, social feeds, latest news, pictures and videos. The Space is maintained by the Brand you’re following. You can remove the Space whenever you want without impacting anything else on your phone.

Mobile Banking

A Mobile Banking Space provides you with a chance to group all your financial apps in one space to keep them safe and away from any nosy apps. This Space is encrypted with AES-256 and enables authentication for single sign-on to multiple apps for higher security and ease of use. These Spaces are maintained by the bank and updates are immediately pushed to the Space on your device.You can delete the Space at any time.

Social Media

A social media Space is a great way to keep your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other community apps in one place with the option to prevent those apps from gaining access to your contacts, network, camera and other resources on your phone.


A celebrity Space provides you with a chance to keep up with the latest news, pictures, videos and social feeds from your favourite celebrities. These Spaces are maintained by the celebrity and those updates are immediately sent to the Space on your device. Add and remove celebrity Spaces as you want.


Event Spaces can be used for persistent or temporary events. Imagine attending the Olympics and gaining access to a managed Space by scanning a QR code (bar-code). The Space may contain all the needed apps for the sporting events, hotel and restaurant information, transportation information, and much more like live video feeds and schedules. Once the event is completed it can be safely and automatically deleted without impacting anything else on your phone.


Kids mode allows you to create a Space for each child so that their games and results remain separate from each others and more importantly from your apps and data. Kids are better hackers than you and will push all the buttons on your device, kids mode helps to protect for phone from being unintentionally reconfigured.


A Work Space on your device allows you to carry one phone for both work and personal use. The Work Space is initiated and managed by your IT department but they cannot see or delete anything else on your device. Whether you were given a phone at work or you are using your own phone Secure Spaces can help you do it all from a single device.

Use Cases


You are reluctant to share your device, because you have information and apps that you don’t want to share with the world. Some things should remain private!

Create a Space without authentication to put non-sensitive apps like navigation, weather, web browsing and casual games. You can now share your phone with friends, parents, kids without sharing your password or your personal data.


You want to use one device for both work and personal purposes. You want to separate your personal data from the corporate data, as you don’t want your IT admin to see or manage anything else on your device.

Grant access to your IT admin to one Space on your device by scanning a QR code or clicking an URL. This is an IT Managed Space with control over authentication, approved/disallowed apps, app store access, etc. You are in control of your personal data even if your company deletes the work Space.

Health & Finance

You like the convenience of mobile banking or mobile health but you don’t want to place your information into any security or privacy risks.

Create a Personal Space and group all your banking and health apps that you trust, away from any nosy apps for higher security and ease of use. Use a password to secure your personal information if your device is lost, stolen or borrowed. Alternately, use the Owner Space and create a separate Space for all the dubious apps.


You want to try / use any app you want without having to worry about that app is spying on you, stealing your data, locking your phone, monitoring your calls, messages, location or browser history

Create a Space without contacts, phone and e-mail accounts. Many apps contain ad libraries that collect personal information and use this for add targeting or other purposes (including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). You can now decide when and what you share online and you can use any app, without trading off your personal data.

Anonymous Browsing

You want to visit websites without anyone tracking you.

Create an anonymous space that does more than just “private” or “incognito mode” browsing, but truly ensures you and your device cannot be tracked by servers and ad networks. There is no reason your every move should be tracked.


You are worried about downloading malware onto your phone .

Create a Space for downloaded or side loaded apps. You can safely use any app in a quarantine Space without having it impact your device or personal data. Place an anti-malware app into this Space and place the dubious apps that you want to try until they prove themselves trustworthy.

Homescreen Envy

You want to use cool launchers – but not for your entire phone.

Create Spaces with different themes and launchers without messing with your Owner Space configuration. Facebook Home is awesome, when in its own Space and when you are in control.

Multiple Identities

 You have several e-mail accounts and you don’t want to get things mixed up

Create a Space for each identity to keep your personal accounts and data separate. This way, no apps will intentionally or accidentally be able to access the wrong account, keeping your on-line identities safe.

Choose Secure Spaces

  • Because you can safely work, play, pay or try any app from a single device
  • Because you can protect your privacy by isolating your apps and data into “Secure Spaces”
  • Because you can decide if, when and with whom you want to share your personal information
  • Because you can share your device, but not your credentials or personal data
  • Because your kids are better hackers than you and you want to avoid device re-configuration, deleted emails, or calls to your boss.
  • Because you want to use one device for both work and personal use but keep the data separate and secured
  • Because you don’t want your IT admin to see or manage anything else on your device
  • Because you like the convenience of mobile banking but you don’t want to place your finances into any security or privacy risks
  • Because you want to try / use any app you want
  • Because you want to follow your favorite brands / celebrities / events without having to share your personal data or  find all the apps & feeds yourself.
  • Because you can browse anonymously

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